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Top 3 reasons to use flipbooks for your brand

A flip book is an awesome way to digitally display information to users, customers, or any person in a targeted audience.  Here are 3 reasons why your brand’s next e-book should be in the form of a flipbook.

#1.  Flip books engage users because it is an interactive platform that requires active participation from the reader.  Instead of the typical scrolling users must turn pages which are coordinated to sound and special graphics.

#2.  A well designed flip book will help you stand out among the rest as this platform is a unique solution for presenting information.

#3.  Flip books are compatible with jpg, pdf, and png extensions allowing for a wide range of information to be stored and displayed.  This provides extensive flexibility and creativity for e-book projects.


Press Release: People TV and Digitize Us launch internship to save People TV



ATLANTA, GA – April 27, 2017
People TV and Digitize Us’ Summer Internship
– Save Atlanta’s Public Access Television
Digitize Us- Web and Graphic Design agency is seeking interns to participate in an opportunity to raise funds, market programs, and increase awareness of Atlanta’s Public Access Television, People TV, a nonprofit organization established in 1985 that is losing financial support from the city of Atlanta.

Graphic designers, web developers, videographers, social media strategists, and others are invited to apply for positions at to join a team tasked with redesigning People TV’s site, producing publications, launching an email marketing campaign, and more. The citizens of Atlanta will be able to chose from options and vote upon a redesign of People TV’s website,

Board member at People TV and Founder of, Crystal Finlay states, “We are facilitating the construction of a project done by the people and for the people of Atlanta. We are seeking the city’s most creative and passionate students who are in need of real-world experience with an established entity and staple in the community.”

President of the Executive Board of People TV and long time producer of the Patricia Crayton Show, states, “This project is the launching pad, a sort of a shot in the arm for the people of Atlanta. We will shine a new light on People TV and keep the voice of the people alive.” I am looking forward to being a part of this initiative because People TV has served as a staple in Atlanta’s community for decades and should remain in existence. This is an opportunity to get the city’s most talented students to gain experience while advocating for a noble cause.”

Vice President of the Executive Board of People TV, Terry Emeka Thomas states, “Freedom of the Press and Free Speech are essential to our liberation.”

Remote applicants, full time, and part time are welcomed to apply. This internship will operate at the People TV headquarters located at 190 14th Street NW Atlanta, Georgia from May 17 – July 17th. . The deadline for all applications is May 11. Interviews will be held the week of May 11th.

Crystal Finlay
Instagram and Facebook: DigitizeUs