Wix is a content management system that is growing in popularity because of its ease of use, low cost, and support resources. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) drag and drop platform appeals to users who have little to no code experience and are interested in having a website as soon as possible. However, Wix has limitations that compromise its benefits unless a professional Wix designer is hired. Here are five reasons why Wix is more harmful to business and why WordPress is a more effective solution.

  1. Wix is inflexible and is not truly mobile-friendly/responsive

The drag and drop builder provides layouts in which users can customize. Wix users are forced to choose a template and stick with it. These templates often confine the builder’s design options and are not mobile friendly. Although there is a mobile site editor, it is not effective. Users who access Wix websites via cell phones, tablets, or other mobile devices do not experience responsive design in which the content is displayed in a clear, plain to say way. Instead, users are discouraged from exploring Wix sites because they are built to accommodate users who access the sites via desktop computers.

On the other hand, WordPress is an open source platform in which developers are allowed to publish plugins, themes, scripts, and other solutions for responsive design. There are options available to submit WordPress sites to Google Play which creates a greater user experience. The design possibilities are endless with WordPress. The possibilities end with the builder options in Wix sites.

  1. E-Commerce payment restrictions

Wix users are limited to Paypal and Authorize.net as payment solutions for online stores. WordPress users can install any gateway or payment solution onto sites. These limitations create obstacles for users who desire to customize checkout experience. Furthermore, most of the online Wix store templates look identical.

  1. Site migration is impossible

    Users are confined to Wix’s hosing forever. In the event that a user grows tired of the previously mention limitations, there is no way to migrate the content to Worpress or any other platform that offers more benefits. All content has to be manually transferred unless the receiving hosting account is from Wix. This is in part because of the link structure that is unique to Wix and is not supported by other platforms which attributes to the fact that Wix does not accommodate search engine optimization (SEO). Managed WordPress Hosting accounts from GoDaddy have migration tools that make the process simple and available across platforms.

In conclusion, Wix is a poor investment for any individual who is serious about establishing a reputable web presence. Wix users who desire a unique experience for their visitors will eventually convert to another solution which will mean an additional investment. WordPress is a comprehensive solution that is open source and offers unlimited flexibility.